Goat Agility

Team Tire Jumping

I have been training different types of animals since I was 6 y/o. Deron and I have trained many animals through the years.

We have trained several species of animals on Agility Equipment. Deron builds our Agility Equipment and for several of the different species we sell the equipment to those, that like us, love and train and love to train, their animals.

One Mother's Day Deron built for me Goat Agility Equipment....oh have we and our Goats had fun with that! GOATS, as you can imagine, LOVE AGILITY! LOVE IT!

We have a website with ideas and information for Training Goats on Agility Equipment as well as ideas for Agility Equipment to use for Goat. You might like to visit our Goat Website just to see our photos. Just remember, all of the photos and information on each of our many websites IS COPYRIGHTED.

The contents of this page for Goat Agility, as well as all our websites are still under construction. We add photos and information as we train, and train new animals, and as we take photos. Please check back often.

-- The Rabbit Agility Team
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:42:49 -0400

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