Collecting rabbit items is a fun hobby. Some folks collect just certain items, such as jewelry or postage stamps. Other people collect all sorts of items that have rabbits on them or are shaped like a rabbit. I will be adding pictures of some of the items I have collected over the years. (This page will be ever coming... as I look around here and think "I should take a picture of this or that and put it on the rabbit agility rabbit collectibles page...")

Easter Ceramics 2006-03-31.jpg

These ceramic bunnies I painted in March of 2006. I had just started taking a ceramics class. I did the dark set first, then tried it again.

Rabbit Books 2006-03-31.jpg

I collect animal books. I really like the older books about care and training. Older books will have medical treatments that can be quite helpful.


These Rabbit Bendies are cute and fun for adults and childern. You will find these Bendies throughout this website. I also offer cuties like these for sale on our "for sale" page at this site.


You will find once you own rabbits...stuffed rabbits just seem to show up at your door. Gifts, Saves from the Resale stores and Garage Sales, and the ones you buy for your self. Boy, there sure are some cute ones out there!!


There are ALL kinds of toys that are made to the shape of a rabbit!!

rabbitbaskets 2006-04-13.jpg

You have heard of Easter Baskets? These are some cute Rabbit Baskets.

rabbitearrings 2006-04-13.jpg

I really enjoy animal shaped earrings. These are some of my rabbit earrings.

rabbbitcart 2006-04-13.jpg

A rabbit cart. It is all wooden and just as cute as it can be.

rabbitdolls 2006-04-13.jpg

Fun, fun, fun. There are many cute stuffed rabbits out there, these are a few more of mine.

rabbitearrings2 2006-04-13.jpg

Well, I just do not take good pictures. Another set of earrings.

rabbitesceramic 2006-04-13.jpg rabbitesceramic2 2006-04-13.jpg

This special bunny was a birthday gift made just for me!! A friend of mine named Sally painted this ceramic bunny to look like an English Spot as a Birthday gift for me... pretty KOOOL, ey? Don't you love the back paw?

schleichesrabbit 2006-04-13.jpg

Again, not a great shot, but a great find. I bought this at our local farm store. Schleich makes animal shaped collectibles. I was glad to see this English Spot... they also had a Tan. 10 to 1 I will be adding it to this page soon.

bunnywirehookspindle 2006-04-25.jpg

I made this Wire Spindle with the wood bunny cut out. I have also used it to spin wool. It is mounted on a key chain.

eggbellybunny 2006-04-25.jpg

Isn't this cute? A friend of mine...same one that made the Ceramic English Spot Rabbit, made this for me. Inside the egg is a ceramic egg with a sled dog team painted on each side of the egg.

rabbitchocolate 2006-04-25.jpg

Oh, who am I kidding? LOL These will be gone before May is here.

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