Mouse Agililty

Red Hearts Through A Tire Jump

I have trained everything from Mice to a Horses. There are photos on (and to prove it. The truth is that mice are VERY easy to teach. Mice run the same route by nature. You just have to teach them the "route". If you put a board up along the little course, since mice run against walls, it is even easier to teach them Agility Courses.

With Mice, sex matters. Does are much easier to teach. Bucks are lazy. Lazy. Once grown, Bucks do not like to run around. Does do, they have more "go" and like to play. Warning: Buck cages stink. They have a smell about them. Their urine stinks. Does, not so much. And if kept a does cage clean, you won't notice the smell like you will with a buck.

-- The Rabbit Agility Team
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