Rabbit Items for Sale

Marna's Menagerie sells several different types of rabbit items. We sell rabbit harnesses, costumes, leashes, toys and more. Check back as items may change and more may be added. Scroll down to see what we have today.


There are many types of harnesses that people use on their rabbits. There are as many opinions about the best type of harness to use on rabbits as there are people that use them. If the harness is well fitted any of these harnesses listed here should work well for working and training your rabbits for agility and or hopping. The best harness for you and your rabbit is the one that works best for you. Do not use a collar on a rabbit or other small pet, it will not be safe.

SectionHarness Fit
A harness should fit a rabbit snug. Tighten the harness on the rabbit so that it is snug fitting but your human finger can still fit between the rabbits neck and or waist. Measure your rabbit before buying a harness. The harness may look tight on the rabbit because of the hair or wool of the rabbit.

SectionFigure 8 Harness
The Figure 8 Harness is shaped like a figure 8 with one openings going around the rabbits neck and the other opening around the rabbits waist. It has on buckle that buckles over the back of the rabbit. This harness need to be adjusted just right to be comfortable for the rabbit. If this harness is not adjusted well the rabbit will be able to wiggle out of it.

Comes in blue, black, red, rainbow, orange, pink, and a red/white/blue striped.

$4.95 each
grado 2006-03-31.jpg

SectionFigure H Harness
This harness looks like an H laid out on a table. It has two buckles, one at the neck and one of the waist. This harness is easy to adjust for the comfort of the rabbit. This is a safe and comfortable harness if adjusted correctly on the rabbits body.

Fits medium to extra large breeds. Right now we only have these in green.

$4.95 each
janie in h 2006-03-31.jpg

SectionRope Harness
The Rope Harness is a figure 8 Harness with a leash attached. It is all one piece and adjusts and buckles over the back of the rabbit. Once adjusted it will fit the rabbit (at the same weight) each time it is put on the rabbit. Again, with the figure 8 type harness make sure it is adjusted correctly or the rabbit can wiggle out of the harness and run off.

Ask about available colors

$3.95 each
esterropeharness1 2006-03-05.jpg

SectionVest or Coat Type Harness
This is a coat or vest that is made to fit the rabbit snug that has a ring on top for a leash attached. Most vest and or coat type harnesses close with velcro fasteners at the neck and the waist. Two layers of velcro is best. KEEP THE VELCRO VERY CLEAN for maximum security. Some are made with buttons or snaps. Check buttons often and remember how a button can pop off a shirt. If snaps become loose discard this type of harness.

Many every day and holiday prints available.

$14.50 each
bunnyjacket2 2006-03-03.jpg


The item you see on the live animals are NOT the items you will be receiving. The item you will be receiving will never have been worn or near any other live animals. The outfits themselves look way better in person then in the photos. This item is a cute little Dress will be made to the size of your rabbit. We have several St.Pat's Day Prints. So the dress you recieve me not be an exact copy of this dress. The style of the dress will look much like the dress that Maybelene is wearing in the following photo.

$12.50 each
BB stpats 2006-03-17.jpg

EVERY EASTER BUNNY needs an Easter outfit. I make these cut Easter Print dresses to your rabbits measurements. I have several Easter Prints so your outfit may or may not look just like the dress in the picture, but it will lokk great on your rabbits.

$12.50 each
BB easter 2006-03-21.jpg

This cute dress is also a harness for walking the rabbit. It closes with DOUBLE velcro at each of the neck and at the waist. It has a small metal loop for the leash to clip unto. I send out instructions on how to teach your rabbit to walk on a leash with each harness sale.

esterharnessdress 2006-03-05.jpg

These are cute and fun little toys. They are rubber Bendies with wire inserted so that you can pose them in many ways. These are fun for adults and for children. They come in assorted colors.

Large approx. 9" Tall $2.50 each
Medium approx. 5 1/2" Tall $2.00 each

This is the same type Bendi in a smaller size. They come with and without a suit coat and in several colors. They stand approx. 3 1/3" tall. Really cute!!

$1.50 each

BABY BIB. This is a cute rabbit or rabbits, bunny or bunnies painting baby bib, it is approx. 9" x 12" It is backed with a quilted fabric and binded with Bias Tape. Bias tape can be pink, blue, yellow or green.

$10.00 each bib

These rabbits are REFLECTIVE SIGN CUTOUTS. They are made from our own art out of Highway Grade Reflective tape. The back side is adhesive and will stick to most clean surfaces for yeeeeears. These two are approx. 5" x 2 1/2". These are great for mailboxes, rabbitry signs, vehicles and more.

Set of two, right and left, $4.50 per set

I will be uploading these in three sizes and two colors...orange and white.

Set of four (4) rabbit shaped plastic buttons. They are each approx. 1/2" long. The photo shows three face up and one with the back showing. These are great for clothing and scrapbooking as well as other crafts.

Buttons come in Pink, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange Turquoise as well as high shine colors in Pink, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise.

Set of four $1.50

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