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If you know of an upcoming Rabbit Agility or Rabbit Hopping Event including Clubs, Fairs, 4H, FFH or just a groups of people having fun together. PLEASE contact the webmaster to have it listed here. Thank You!!


Hello - our 4H group is having a fun meet on May 2nd. For the past three years we have had our jumps set up to allow the kids practice time. This year, however, we are going to run an "official" contest. We only have 8 jumps and a few rules. Most of the rabbits will be very new at hopping but we are going to do a run through anyhow. This is something that I have been wanting to promote for years now and we have to start somewhere! The fun meet is being held at the Fond du Lac Co. (Wisconsin) Fairgrounds in the cow palace on May 2nd starting at 9:00.

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Fond du Lac Co. 4H

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